Nano3 Dicing Facility

Photo of Dicing Saw


Nano3 provides dicing services using a Disco Automatic Dicing Saw DAD3220, a precision tool capable of cutting wafers and pieces of silicon, quartz, alumina, III-V materials, and more, up to 6 inches in diameter.

The saw can accommodate die streets (the area to be cut away between die) as narrow as ~20 um for Silicon and ~250 um for glass/sapphire.

Maximum cutting depth is ~1.2 mm.

(Minimum street width is impacted by cutting depth; please inquire for details).

How to submit a job

Please send an email to with a detailed job description. Our staff will respond with comments/questions/projected timeline and further instructions.

Download and submit our dicing request form with your sample (no requests will be considered without a completed form).

Photo of Dicing Saw

Turnaround time

Our goals is 48 hrs for turnaround. Hard substrate materials (e.g. sapphire, quartz), very complex dicing requests, or large volumes of concurrent requests will extend the turnaround. Nano3 dicing staff will communicate if delays are anticipated after receipt of a dicing request.


$34/hr for UC-System users

$49/hr for Not-For-Profit users (US only)

$88/hr for For-Profit and Non-US users


Nano3's dicing saw is located in the "Material Characterization Lab" (Atkinson Hall, Room 1414).


If you have questions please email us at: