Nano3 Dicing Facility

Photo of Dicing Saw


Nano3 provides dicing services using a Disco Automatic Dicing Saw DAD3220, a precision tool capable of cutting wafers and pieces of silicon, quartz, alumina, III-V materials, and more, up to 6 inches in diameter.

The saw can accommodate die streets (the area to be cut away between die) as narrow as ~20 um for Silicon and ~250 um for glass/sapphire.

Maximum cutting depth is ~1.2 mm.

(Minimum street width is impacted by cutting depth; please inquire for details).

How to submit a job

Please send an email to with a detailed job description. Our staff will respond with comments/questions/projected timeline and further instructions.

Download and submit our dicing request form with your sample (no requests will be considered without a completed form).

Photo of Dicing Saw

Turnaround time

Depends on the complexity of the request; usually within 48 hrs. Nano3 dicing staff will provide estimate for job completion with the confirmation.


$31/hr for UC-system users

$80/hr for non-UC-system users


Nano3's dicing saw is located in the "Material Characterization Lab" (Room 1416 Atkinson Hall).


If you have questions please email us at: